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Wake up! It’s Mother’s Day! Here at Last Minute, we love highlighting the fun and best in our town. Whether you wake up to it being Mothers Day and haven’t exactly planned the day for Mom or are looking for something new or different, we got your back. We’ve been checking the sites and grub stops all around town to find what we think would constitute as a great place to take Mom on her day, (being Mother’s ourselves). We’ve curated a special list of places to eat, visit, or check out for a memorable day. Make Mothers Day 2023 a day she will never forget.


A recent social media poll showed these are the top rated restaurants in the area:

Dat Cajun Place was number one (no surprise there!). If Mom loves her some country cookin’ you’ve hit the jackpot. This local beauty serves a perfected chicken fried chicken and an award winning gumbo.

Liza’s Kitchen is the perfect spot for brunch. With a menu curated to give you a taste of something you didn’t even know you wanted, there are no wrong choices on this menu.

C Level provides a beautiful dining space for dinner after a long day of festivities. Ranging from great steaks to shrimp and grits, they’ve got anything anyone in your party will be craving.


PCB Efoils: Looking for something different to get Mom out of her routine? Have a great time with this fun, new adventure in our backyard! Give Mom the experience of gliding on water with these powered surfboards.

Blacklight Mini Golf: If you’ve got the whole family this is the perfect spot. With its unique atmosphere this is guaranteed to be a new experience for everyone.

Glass Blowing: Glass blowing is a unique and creative art form that can make for a truly special Mother’s Day gift. Whether your mother is a beginner or an experienced glass blower, or simply has an appreciation for the art of glass blowing, incorporating it into your Mother’s Day gift will surely be a thoughtful and memorable gesture.


Pinspiration: Is Mom the crafty type and looking for a great time with the family? This is the best of both worlds. Bring out the creator in you at this DIY workshop.

Local Artwork: Lucky are we to have the 60th Bay Annual Arts Exhibit during Mother’s Day this year. This competition will showcase the region’s finest artists, so let Mom find a piece that speaks to her.

Looking for other events in town? Check out all the events in PC and PCB here.

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