Charities in Panama City

Bay County, Florida is home to over 1,300 local charities and non-profit organizations that work to support various causes in the community. Here’s just a few: 

  1. Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center – This non-profit organization works to prevent child abuse and provide support to victims of abuse in Bay County. They offer a variety of services, including counseling, medical exams, and court advocacy. 
  1. The Arc of the Bay – The Arc of the Bay is an organization that provides services and support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their services include job training, housing assistance, and social events. 
  1. Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County – The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County is a youth development organization that provides after-school programs and summer camps for children and teens. They offer a range of activities, including sports, arts and crafts, and academic support. 
  1. Panama City Rescue Mission – The Panama City Rescue Mission provides shelter, meals, and support services to homeless individuals in Bay County. They also offer addiction recovery programs and job training. 
  1. Friends of St. Andrew Bay – Friends of St. Andrew Bay is a non-profit organization that works to preserve and protect the natural resources of St. Andrew Bay. They organize clean-up events and educational programs to raise awareness about environmental issues. 

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