Pack up! It is time for a picnic.

It is a beautiful day outside. You’ve been eating lunch inside all week. Time to go for a picnic. Here are a few interesting and relaxing places to try out.

If you are on the beach side, you can explore Lake Powell Park. They provide plenty of parking. The picnic tables are covered with shade. The calm water allows the kids to run with their toes in the sand. This is a great place to enjoy the view of the water, trees, and sky.

Another great place to picnic at is Leslie Porter Wayside Park. This park is filled with fun! The whole family can enjoy the beautiful bay. Take some fishing poles to cast off the old bridge. Have the toddlers run through the jungle gym. Or just find one of the many covered picnic tables with relaxing swings to enjoy the view.

Last but not least, more amazing views to behold while picnicking. At Asbell Park learn rich history of the original salt pot used during the civil war. Enjoy Lake Caroline’s aquatic plants and creatures. Provided with shaded picnic tables and benches. Across the street, savor the sight of an outstanding view of St. Andrews Bay.

No matter if it is just you, a plus one, or the whole family, these are wonderful places to discover. Picnicking is a fantastic way to get a little fresh air. Change up your daily routine and enjoy lunch outside today.

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