Duck, Duck Jeep

It’s that time of year!! Jeep Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida 2023 has arrived!!

Have you ever walked by a Jeep in a parking lot and noticed the ducks on the dashboard? 🤔This is a signature of being a Jeep owner and are collected in many ways. The owner may buy their own duck or even have one tossed through their window at a stop light because he just so happened to pull up next to a Jeep and they trade! This is a unique and cherished fellowship in the Jeep community.

This tradition is called “Jeep Ducking” or “Duck, Duck Jeep” and started in 2020 in Ontario, Canada and immediately took off, all because of one proud Jeep owner. Said owner spotted another Jeep in a parking lot and randomly decided to brighten the owner’s day by placing a yellow rubber duck with a note on it! This was intended to bring a smile to a fellow Jeep owner’s face and to spread some cheer.

Unbeknownst to him, the “ducked” Jeep owner was heading to the veterinarian’s office to put his dog to sleep when he saw the duck and note. In that moment, the unexpected gift helped him get through the tough time in his life. Even though the owner does not have his Jeep anymore, he still has his duck.

This tradition has grown to be an entourage of Jeep enthusiasts from all over the country who come together to showcase their Jeeps, participate in various Jeep-related activities and competitions, and enjoy the company of fellow Jeep lovers!!

Jeep Jam typically takes place over a weekend in May and attracts thousands of Jeep enthusiasts each year. It starts Monday, May 15 and wraps up May 20. It is a great opportunity for people to connect with others who share their passion for Jeeps and off-roading, as well as to enjoy the beautiful Florida scenery and outdoor activities, including exclusive access to ride on our beautiful beaches!

For more information on scheduling, events, vendors and more click here.

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