Let’s Have Some Water Fun!

It is hot outside! Summer has arrived here in Florida. Lucky for us, we are in a great place to cool off, all while enjoying the summer sun. In this beautiful county there is water all over. We have salt water, spring water, and water parks. Can’t forget to mention the pools, lakes, and creeks. Water you waiting for? Let’s get wet!

One of my all time favorite ways to enjoy the summer is kayaking with my family. Some of you may have your own kayaks to load up and toss in the water. For those who don’t, you can rent some easily. Try out Coldwater Excursions. They offer kayaks, paddle boards, or canoe rentals. Explore amazing natural cold springs like Cypress Springs on Holmes Creek, Merritt’s Mills Pond or Econfina Creek.

Another of my favorite endeavors is to explore the under water life! With Coastal Wildlife Adventures you can get private dolphin and snorkel tours. They provide their guests with an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Their extensive knowledge ensures that visitors experience snorkeling and free diving on a whole new level. They focus on smaller groups, ensuring a more personal adventure.

Then there’s paddle boarding! It has been around for a long time and is growing more popular everyday. If this sport intrigues you and you’d like to try it out, contact Katie for a fun paddle boarding experience. At Katie’s Paddle Boarding Experience you can get lessons, go fishing, practice yoga, or explore nature trails.

There are endless adventures awaiting. No need to stay cooped up inside hiding from the heat! ‘Tis the sea-sun to embrace the day.

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