It Is Here Again! Hurricane Season

Thunder, lightning, rain, and wind. As Floridians, we’ve had much experience with stormy weather. Some of us welcome it and others run from it. Every year from June 1st until November 30th is hurricane season. Should you stay or should you go? Tips to help you decide:

Know your storm

  • Tropical depressions are cyclones with winds of 38 mph.
  • Tropical storms have wind speeds of 39-73 mph.
  • Hurricanes have winds starting at 74 mph.
  • An extreme wind advisory means sustained winds of 115 mph or greater are expected to begin within the hour. Immediately take shelter!

When we expect a hurricane is headed our direction, it is time to prepare your home and get your evacuation plan in motion. Make sure to have your hurricane kit ready to go at the start of the season. Preparing ahead of time alleviates stress.

Hurricane Kit

  • non perishable food enough for 3 days
  • water for 3 days
  • first aid kit including important medications
  • personal hygiene items
  • flashlights with extra batteries
  • battery operated radio with extra batteries
  • water proof container for cash and documents
  • manual can opener
  • lighter or matches
  • for entertainment some books, magazines, or games
  • baby supplies or pet supplies
  • cooler with ice packs
  • evacuation plan

Living in such a beautiful place comes with it’s risks. During hurricane season we see lots and lots of temperamental weather. It could be sunny one minute and a downpour the next. The best we can do is to be prepared. Stay safe!

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